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Develop Transferable Business Skills to Differentiate Yourself From Your Peers

Whether your goal is to secure a top position in a company or to start your own business in the future, the BDP will give you the necessary skills to accomplish your dreams!

Become An Entrepreneur

Manage a business and develop transferable skills in marketing, sales, leadership, conflict resolution, and financial management.

Gain Real World Experience

Employers are looking for students who have set themselves apart. Gain practical experience by managing a $50,000 – $100,000 business.

Earn Money For Tuition

With average earnings between $10,000 – $20,000, build financial profits to cover university tuition and living expenses.

Experience An Incredible Culture of Exciting Incentives, Events, Rewards and Trips

Results always bring rewards! The Business Development Program offers a number of exciting incentives and events such as skydiving, white water rafting, camping, go-karting, zip-lining and the year end banquet and awards ceremony!

The most memorable part about these exciting incentives and events are the group of individuals that you will experience it with. Going skydiving is fun, going skydiving with a group of other young, talented students who have worked hard to earn their place in this incentive, elevates this experience to a whole new level!

Annual Mexico Trip for Top Performers

Every year, top performers who reach a certain tier of business revenue will earn an all-expenses paid trip to a 5-star resort in Mexico.

In addition to significant profits and valuable developed skills, managers who earn the Mexico trip will be left with memories and experiences that will last a lifetime!

Daphne Loiseau Explains The BDP

Montreal Franchise Manager Daphne Louiseau sources and secures media attention for her entrepreneurial endeavor.

With a new media clip to build her portfolio and resume, Daphne explains how the Business Development Program works, discusses support provided, and reviews how this opportunity has enabled her to look introspectively to help determine a future career path upon graduation.

What are students saying about the BDP?

“Working with the BDP helped me improve my skills in many areas from communication to sales to building rapport with clients and as well as learning the basics of management.”

Rahgav Malhotra Franchise Manager, Toronto

“Throughout the three years I was a part of the BDP, I have been taught from A to Z, how to run a business and create a sustainable growth in the organization I was building.”

Simon Danis BertrandGeneral Manager, Ottawa

“It provides you all the insights, the recommendations and the coaching needed to succeed in this rigorous world. My involvement in this program was one filled with emotion, experiences, and everyday success.”

Cedrick CoulombeFranchise Manager, Montreal

“I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt, that my experience with Scholars At Your Service has been the most influential and transformative experience that I have had for my career.”

Mark KostoveGeneral Manager, Montreal

“Without all the help and encouragement provided, I wouldn’t have been capable of running a 150k+ franchise business over the course of 2 seasons, while pursuing full time school as an undergrad.”

Cheryl LeungFranchise Manager, Toronto

“Last year, I had the pleasure of earning and attending the one week long Star vacation in Mexico, celebrating the accomplishment of selling and producing my first $130,000 of projects. I can gladly say that this is the most rewarding experience I have had to date.”

Guillaime Danis BertrandFranchise Manager, Ottawa

“The Business Development Program gave me the tools and the support that enabled me to change my perception of business and create the opportunities for myself so that I managed to fully finance the second half of my degree and take a great weight off my parents.”

Simon SavardFranchise Manager, Toronto

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The Business Development Program looks for applicants who have the building blocks of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. These include: communication skills, drive, motivation and a history of leadership, previous business experience is not necessary.

The first step in applying to start your entrepreneurial journey is to submit your information for review by a BDP representative. Applicants will be contacted to review a checklist of requirements to see if they meet the minimum requirements. Qualified applicants will be invited to attend an information session to gather all the necessary info about the program and application process.

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