• Results Bring Rewards!

    Work hard, play hard and have fun


Experience an Incredible Corporate Culture with Events, Incentives and Rewards!

Our program isn’t only about working hard to make money and gain valuable business experience. It’s also about having an incredible summer and building relationships & memories that will last a lifetime.

Star Vacation – Earn a One Week Long, All Inclusive Summer Vacation in Paradise!

All of the managers that reach a certain revenue threshold are invited on an all-expenses paid, one-week long summer vacation to a 5-star resort hosted in either Mexico or the Caribbean.

A perfect way to finish the summer

After a long summer of hard work and success, top managers will earn an all-expenses paid trip to a 5-star resort to relax and celebrate all of their hard work over the summer months. The entire team will participate in excursions such as the annual catamaran trip!

While the destination is impressive, the best part of this rewards trip is the group of people that are a part of it. Celebrating with all of the other top managers and coaches is a recipe that will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Banquets & Awards Ceremonies

The BDP offers an impressive array of trophies and incentives to reflect the incredible accomplishments of the entrepreneurs in our program.

Culminating the season with our company wide Banquet & Awards ceremony, all managers and employees gather to celebrate, while entrepreneurs who accomplish impressive business objectives thresholds are presented with awards.

A Summer Full of Incredible Experiences and Memories That Will Last a Lifetime!

Managers will have a chance to earn the “Presidential Steak Dinner”, the “Extreme Incentive”, the “Star Trip”, the “Zip-Lining Experience” in addition to other monthly incentives, rewards and contests.

Results Bring Rewards

While running a business brings many rewards, both profit and experience based, an exciting experience or reward to push for during a weekly or monthly incentive can never hurt.

While many incentives vary from year to year, the “Extreme Incentive” allows managers to earn a bungee jumping or skydiving experience. The “Presidential Steak Dinner” allows top managers to join in on an evening of luxury and extravagance by attending a steak dinner hosted by the President.

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